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About Us

Seinohome was established in 2008. Seinohome is headquartered in Shanghai. It is a professional clothing enterprise integrating development, design, sales, logistics distribution and brand promotion. At present, the company owns its famous fashion casual clothing brand "Trend

In just a few years, the brand has continued to forge ahead, innovate and develop. At present, the brand is relying on its three themes of "leisure, fashion, and fashion elegance", brilliant colors, diverse styles, competitive prices and thoughtful and meticulous market services. The popularity, reputation and loyalty are constantly improving, and it is favored and loved by consumers and franchisees.

Our vision: Seinohome had a clear vision when it was established: to express a unique brand style through superb design and exquisite craftsmanship, and to strive for simplicity, reflecting the elegant and sharp urban women's pursuit of their own perfection, combining the rich beautiful appearance of women, fully displaying temperature and self-cultivation in color and shape, as well as admiration for fashion...

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