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Beach Spilling Funnel🏖️
Beach Spilling Funnel🏖️
Beach Spilling Funnel🏖️
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Beach Spilling Funnel🏖️
Beach Spilling Funnel🏖️
Beach Spilling Funnel🏖️
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Beach Spilling Funnel🏖️

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The Beach Overflow Funnel is an innovative beach toy designed for beach lovers and children. This toy provides unlimited creative play and incorporates environmental protection concepts, aiming to teach children to protect the Marine environment while enjoying the fun of the beach. Its unique funnel design helps clear water from the beach, build elaborate sandcastles, and promote parent-child interaction, making every seaside trip a memorable environmental adventure.

【 Product Features 】 :

  • Environmentally friendly materials: safe and environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, long-term outdoor use that is not easy to fade or deform, and protect children's delicate skin.
  • Creative funnel design: The specially designed funnel structure can quickly discharge the excess water in the sand pile, maintaining the stability of the sand castle structure. It is also easy to handle and can be used as a sand transport tool, making the sand sculpture creation more convenient and exciting.

Our product is designed with your convenience in mind. Its lightweight design and easy storage in a portable bag mean it won't take up much space. You can easily carry it to any beach or outdoor location, making outdoor playtime a breeze. Plus, all components can be cleaned directly with water, ensuring a clean and hygienic play environment for your child.

【 Application 】 :

  • Family beach vacation
  • Children's outdoor activities
  • Parent-child interactive game
  • Environmental education activities
  • Beach parties and team building

[Note] :

Use under adult supervision, and avoid putting toys in children's mouths. Please dispose of it properly after use and do not dispose of it on the beach to jointly maintain the Marine environment.

【 Reason to buy 】 :
The beach overflow funnel is not just a toy; it's a symbol of our commitment to the environment. It's a fun way to teach your child about the importance of environmental protection. By choosing this toy, you're not just making every family trip to the beach fun, you're also making a small but significant contribution to the protection of our blue planet. So, join us now in our mission to protect the blue planet!