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Bouquet Maker
Bouquet Maker
Bouquet Maker
Bouquet Maker
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Bouquet Maker
Bouquet Maker
Bouquet Maker
Bouquet Maker
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Bouquet Maker

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Bouquet Maker is based on the same technique professional florists use when making bouquets, the Dutch spiral.

Choose your favorite flowers
Put them in your Bouquet Maker
Twist! It's as simple as that.
The Bouquet Maker gives your flowers exceptional volume with a simple twist.

A nice feature is that you can place your bouquet on a shallow plate with water which gives it a completely new expression. The Bouquet Maker also "locks" the stems in their position which makes your bouquet to fit perfectly in almost any vase. And yes, it´s Acrylic so you can put it in water.

The Bouquet Maker won't do any harm to the flower stems because of the smooth edges in the holes in the Bouquet Maker . That is why flowers with softer stems like tulips and lilies work perfectly in the Bouquet Maker .

Creative and inspiring
Use flowers from a shop, your garden, or in nature
Make classic bouquets or new looks
The perfect gift for yourself or a friend
Put in a vase or on a plate
The Bouquet Maker can be placed in water
Works perfectly with most flowers